Login to FreeNAS 8.0.X without password

If you lost any password of your „old“ FreeNAS 8 setup and need to login again to get root access to it, this small guide might help you.

As the console option to reset GUI is only available in 8.0.1-BETA and afterwards, we need a workaround for 8.0-RELEASE.

1: Access the local console and go to shell:

Use 7)

# 7) ->ENTER

in the shell type:

# passwd

you’re prompted for a new password.

type a new password and go back to main.

2: Open a SSH connection vie Putty or any prefered ssh client.

Login with user „root“ and your new setted password!

In the SSH session Type:

# python /usr/local/www/freenasUI/manage.py changepassword admin


If not, follow these steps:

3: Check your network.

4: Try to ping the webconsole IP shown in your console overview.

If you haven no ping or no IP, configure your network and set an IP!

In the local console select:

# 1) Configure Network Interfaces -> follow the dialog and set a static IP.

You can now ping the webgui? Great….

Start with point 2: access the system via ssh.

Get your SSH connection running with „root“ and your new password.

If the command …/manage.py changepassword admin fails, try

# python /usr/local/www/freenasUI/manage.py createsuperuser

This will create an new user. Create a user calles “ admin“ and set a new password.

Now you can access the webgui with this user “ admin “ and your new password!

Have FUN!