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Cloud, Storage and everybodys "online" live needs to be protected. I'll show you how!

Cloud Storage

Cloud based file storage is popular. But do you really know where your data is stored and who has access to it?


pfSense based firewall systems are open source and enterprise ready. A Gold support by pfsense founders is also possible

Security check

Check your enviroment! Is all your data secured? Backups, replacement systems or UPS Supply?

Why RootZ ? ist eine private Initiative mit dem Ziel,
die Sicherheit der Daten aller Menschen im Internet
besser zu schützen!
We want to give back peoples the control of their data! That’s our mission.
  • Are all Servers located in the EU?

  • Are your data always fast and secure reachable?

  • Does your provider support great set of features like Mobile Access, Sync Client for Desktops and federated Cloud sharing options?

  • Is your system desgned for Endusers and IT Admins both.

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